Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I've got a couple stories from Ua to tell you about. Hopefully they bring a smile to your face (otherwise I guess you just had to be there).

A couple of nights ago Ua was playing with his toy camera (but it really does take pictures). I had just put new batteries in it and he was using it for the first time in some time. When he got done taking pictures he said, "Dad how do you turn it off"? So I responded, "Push the power button right there" pointing it out to him. He pressed it but nothing happened. I said, "Oh, maybe you have to hold it down". At which point he bent over, put the camera on the ground and pressed the power button again. (Crazy English language anyways!). "No, no, you need to hold the power button down". :-)

Then on the way home today Ua was playing with his toy Noah's Ar. He said, "Mom, do you want to know how to spell ark?" She responded, "sure!" So he started "M... A... D..." At which point I'm wondering what is going on because he doesn't usually get letters in a row that make sense. He continues "E... W... C... H... W... A... and that is how you spell ARK" He's 3.5 years old now and knows his letters but the IN looks like a W to him.

This afternoon Ua and I tried to make a snowman. The snow was packable but wouldn't roll. So we proceeded to pack the snowman together. Here he is... We used M&M's for the button's & eyes.

In case you didn't get the second one he was spelling MADE IN CHINA!

Have a good week!!!

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